If you’re interested in lessons but have never tried the Technique before, we recommend you start with a 90 minute introductory lesson.

If you want to learn more we suggest taking a series of ten one hour lessons to get a solid introduction to the technique.

 At the end of the ten lessons you will have had a solid introduction to the Technique’s fundamental principles, and will have been given some tools and experiences to allow you to start using and exploring the Alexander Technique in your daily life.

If you’ve already had lessons with one of us, or with another teacher, we offer a variety of lesson formats to support the development of your practice.

The fastest progression in the Alexander Technique is in one-on-one lessons, but we can offer group lessons in certain circumstances. If you are interested in group lessons, please let us know what you have in mind, and we will work with you to see how to best meet your needs.

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